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Hybris Blog

New Hybris Mixes

Evan Vischi

Over the last few months I've churned out a few different DJ mixes and I figured it would be good to share them all in one place.

Most recently, I've done the Dispatch Recordings official label mix ahead of the 15 years of Dispatch Recordings night I'll be playing at the end of June. This one features some new Dispatch dubs and my forthcoming tunes with Gridlok on P51.

I also did a mix of all unreleased Hybris material. None of these will likely see the light of day as a formal release, but I wanted to at least share them in a mix.

Here's a set of some of my favorite drum and bass from around the turn of the millennium. It was recorded live at Cross Club at Wormhole, a raucous timewarp of a party featuring exclusively old school dnb.


And last but not least, I've done the Fusion Podcast for Melbourne-based label Plasma Audio to coincide with the release of my tune Carousel. Featuring a lot of Plasma material and a healthy dose of futuristic techiness. 

New Hybris Interviews

Evan Vischi

People who know me personally are usually exhausted by my incessant ranting, but since most of you don't, I figured you might be interested in a couple interviews I've done recently.

Here's a video from when I toured Australia and had a little chat at dusk with Plasma Audio bossman Safire and his brother:

And here is a little written Q&A I did with DnB Dojo :